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Alternative Brokerage brings you the FIRST

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Turn-Key Selling Program

AB's IUL Complete Turn-Key Selling System Includes:
  • Scripted Seminar Presentations
(Specially targeted for each age demographic)
  • Proven Effective Seminar Invitiations     
(Min. 5000 pc.)
  • IUL Illustration Software/Selling Tool
(Transforms a complex IUL illustration into a meaningful, easy-to-understand client proposal)  
  • All Seminar Handouts
  • Reservation Service
(up to 100 people)
Call us today at 855-779-1010 for more information on this incredible new prospecting method!
Alternative Brokerage IUL Selling Program
A complete Turn-Key IUL Marketing System that allows you to target 3 different audience segments
For many individuals, two of the primary concerns in retirement planning are stock market volatility and taxation; and IUL can help overcome both. Stock market downturns in recent years have sparked real concern about the negative impact future volatility could have on retirement assets.
In addition, all indicators point towards an increase in taxes, meaning the fully taxed IRA and 401(k)s, may not get the job done when it comes to helping secure a retirement income that will last as long as the retirees live.
The opportunity to set up a source to supplement income in retirement that has the ability to be accessed "TAX FREE" is becoming more and more attractive, opening up a whole new marketing demographic for your business!
This all-inclusive, complete turn-key system includes everything financial professionals need to successfully market and sell IUL!
Incredible Marketing Opportunity: Target 3 different demographics!
  • Young Professionals (Ages 45 and younger)
  • Pre-Retirees (Ages 45 - 60)
  • Baby Boomers (Ages 55 - 70)
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