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"As an Advisor, working with this seminar program allows me to do what I do best, connect with potential clients. I don't waste my time with the details of location, confirmation calls etc. They handle everything and I walk into a room filled with qualified prospects and share my knowledge."

"Going into our first Social Secuirty workshop we didn't know wat to expect. We're so used to things being in our control it was strange having it otherwise. We sat outside the room prior to the workshop and watched as quality prospects filled the room. Not only was it nice not worrying about all the pre-event planning, it was also great seeing quality prospects file into the room one after another."

"In this highly competitive business you must constantly strive to differentiate yourself. You spend hours thinking outside the box. You spend thousands of dollars hosting events. You spend time connecting with clients and guests. Yet in the end, the most difficult task is getting in front of the right target audience in greater numbers. This program has accomplished this objective well beyound expectations. Our company has been dedicated to hosting an array of client events through the years. We tried many strategies to fill the room but nothing has ever succeeded to the degree of this program. We had an audience of 140 attendees between the ages of 55 to 65 on our very first attempt."

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