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Industry’s First “Post DOL Fiduciary” Index Annuity

Alternative Brokerage and US Annuity Partners are proud to be rolling out the industry’s First “Post DOL Fiduciary” Index Annuity designed specifically for Broker-Dealers and Banks.

“The SCA-7 is designed to compete as a true “buy and hold strategy” that will directly compete against Indexed & Market-Linked CDs” said Bob Phillips, President of Alternative Brokerage. Unlike the MLCD market, there will be NO phantom income taxation challenges.

“The annuity also comes with a 1% guaranteed return annually,” according to Phillips.

The SCA-7 can provide an alternative to bond portfolios and bonds in a rising interest rate environment.

“This product offers the upside potential with the ability to receive interest, based on the performance of a proprietary multi-asset J.P. Morgan index that was designed for clients to share in the index gains but not the losses,” Phillips added.

Some of the products highlights include:

  • 7-year, Point-to-Point Index Term, tracking the J.P. Morgan U.S. Sector Rotator 5 Index (Annuity Series) with a Participation Rate, and a Spread Rate

  • A minimum guarantee of 1% per year

  • Up to $5,000,000 per contract may be permitted with prior home-office approval.

  • Issue through age 80

  • 4% GDC on the first $2.5 million of premium per account

  • 45-Day Rate Lock

  • Ability to follow month by month performance on a public site (Bloomberg)

  • Surrender-Charge-Free (and MVA-Free) Withdrawal Options include:

  • 10% annual withdrawals (beginning after the first contract year)

  • Nursing Home and Terminal illness waivers with partial index credit (may not be available in all states)

  • Death Benefit with partial index credit

  • Annuitization with partial index credit (not available in California)

  • 7-Year Surrender- (7%, 6%, 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%)

  • IRS Required Minimum Distributions

With few moving parts, the SCA-7 provides a true buy and hold strategy for your client's safe money.

This product will not be available in Delaware, New Jersey, or New York.

For information OR to request a kit for your Broker Dealer to review:

Please call Alternative Brokerage at (855) 779-1010, option 2,

or email us at

​​Alternative Brokerage (AB) is a new wholesaling concept for broker-dealers, large producer groups, registered investment advisors, regional banks and career marketing organizations that wish to expand their product offerings to include fixed, indexed and alternative products.

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