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Long Term Care

In a continuing effort to provide Alternative Brokerage agents with a full spectrum of product lines and in order to be a one-stop shop to assist you with your continued success in th industry, Alternative Brokerage is proud to announce our partnership with Newman LTC. We do not claim to be experts on LTC Insurance but agree that you deserve one. Newman LTC is that expert that can help you with all of your LTC needs from providing you with a quote to providing you status updates on your pending applications. Let Newman LTC be your expert.



Why Newman LTC?​​   

The professionals with Newman LTC can offer guidance through the complex systems of long-term care and Long Term Care Insurance. LTCA professionals understand the differences in policies and underwriting that can overwhelm planners and consumers. They will pass their experience along with strategies and solutionsl that will help your clients make the best possible plan for long-term care.

Call 855-779-1010 for a QUOTE!



  • It's our goal to integrate Long Term Care Insurance into your practice, while relieving you of the legwork. You won't have to learn about new product or complete lengthy paperwork - that's our job.

  • The professionals at Newman LTC work with you on a marketing plan tht may include direct mail, informative seminars, comprehensive literature about our company and Long Term Care Insurance, and conduct personal consultations with interested clients.

  • You can earn first year and renewal commissions for referring your clients to us if you hold an insurance license.

  • We work with the most trusted and respected brands in the industry, with an understanding of the benefits and particulars of each policy. The Professionals at Newman LTC are independent and able to choose from a wide array of carriers and policies.

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