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Products + Contracts + Marketing + Distribution.

Alternative Brokerage (AB) delivers superior access to the industry's top insurance carriers, compliant marketing and distribution tools for Broker Dealers, Banks, Credit Unions & RIAs.

AB will ensure that your institution is capitalizing on all opportunities to capture insurance sales by delivering turn key systems virtually automating the distribution of life and annuity products.  

AB helps institutions immediately implement strategies that will:

1) Dramatically increase non-interest income via the sale of CD Alternatives (life and annuity products)

2) Generate new customers and increase customer retention

3) Build a seamless marketing approach for either proactive or reactive sales on the bank floor or online

4) Deliver both traditional and multimedia marketing support to enhance distribution

5) Enhance customer awareness via dynamic online marketing previously unseen by the industry

6) Your resource for all BOLI (Bank-Owned Life Insurance) and COLI (Corporate Owned Life Insurance)

Contact us today for a complimentary review of the revenue opportunities available to your institution through the implementation of this revolutionary insurance distribution platform.


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