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Federal Employee Prospecting

The Federal Employee Niche: 

Top 10 Reasons to Specialize Your Practice to Work with Feds

Alternative Brokerage focuses on bringing solid and effective marketing programs to our producers. We have partnered with a group that helps producers make a smooth - and profitable - transition into the federal marketplace. 


Federal employees are severely under-served -> only 25% have ever met with a planner.

Feds have complicated benefits that leave them confused and frustrated. Fewer than 50% have calculated how much they need to save for a comfortable retirement. 

Federal employees are virtually everywhere in metropolitan cities big and small.

Only 15% of federal employees are located in the Washington, DC area. The other 85% are concentrated in other metropolitan areas. But bigger doesn't always mean better - smaller markets are even more under-served. 



Specializing your practice allows you to be uniquely valuable to your target audience.

The days of trying to be all-things-to-all-people are over. If you can concentrate your efforts to know a market inside and out, you will quickly become an invaluable part of the federal community in your area. 

Federal employees are conservative-minded, and concerned about protecting retirement income.

When federal retirees are approaching their retirement from federal service, they are concerned about running out of money, and protecting assets for their beneficiaries. Government solutions don't always stack up.



The government does not have a monopoly on good ideas.

No employer-sponsored plan is perfect - including the government's plan. They don't scour the market for perfect programs. We help feds see the bigger picture and start taking control of their financial future.

Federal employers have an obligation to make pre-retirement training available to their employees.

The federal government mandates that pre-retirement training be made available to employees when they are within the 5 year window of being eligible to retire. Help agencies bring on our partners' 5-star training experience to their employees with an expert speaker who inspires the room to take action. Win - win - win! 



Custom reports allow you to illustrate the long-term viability of government programs.

Financial professionals are provided with tailored benefits reports to help articulate how federal benefits behave over time, and show the need for private planning. 

Clarity in you practice provides authenticity and confidence in your product recommendations.

When financial professionals gain clarity in their practice, their purpose becomes clear. Having a solid understanding of the unique challenges that federal employees face allow you to anticipate planning challenges, and provide authentic product recommendations. 



A referral-rich market makes you the obvious 'stand out choice' for federal employees.

They want all of their friends to know you and the tailored service you offer. When you do the right things for the right reasons, amazing things happen!

Get full-service support from the federal market's leading federal benefits expert and coach.

Financial professionals who have tapped into these comprehensive training programs feel more prepared to take on the specific challenges of this marketplace. Follow industry and market best practices so you do what works, and avoid what doesn't work. It's good to learn from your own mistakes but it is a lot cheaper to learn from other people's mistakes!  


Top 25 Metro Areas

San Diego, CA

Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco, CA

Denver, CO

Tampa, FL

Miami, FL

Atlanta, GA

Honolulu, HI

Chicago, IL

Boston, MA

Baltimore, MD

Detroit, MI

Kansas City, MO

St. Louis, MO

New York, NY

Dayton, OH

Oklahoma City, OK

Philadelphia, PA

Dallas, TX

San Antonio, TX

Houston, TX

Ogden, UT

Virginia Beach, VA

Seattle, WA

Washington, DC

Don't see your area listed? Let's take a look! Call Alternative Brokerage and ask today!


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