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Alternative Brokerage Disability Insurance

Why does Alternative Brokerage partner with DIBroker?

We at Alternative Brokerage have made every effort to be the best and partner with the best organizations to help insurance agents and agencies with all aspects of their business, DIBroker is no exception.

Industry Leading Service

DIBroker provides the BEST sales support and service in the industry. The DIBroker team is comprised of sales and administrative professionals with more than a century's worth of experience selling disability and long-term care insurance.

DIBrokers are the experts that can help you with all of your Dissability Insurance needs. Their support team will help guide you in every step of the DI business process. They assist you in submitting an online quote, pre-underwriting, choice of carriers and products, help with point of sale info, completing the application and updating you on application underwriting status. You NEED it, they DO it!

Cutting Edge Technology

DIBroker's website, email and conference calls make technical support easy, regardless of where you are at. If you submit an online quote request by noon you will receive the quote the SAME DAY! You can also check the status of your pending cases and download applications, forms and marketing materials in real time.

Training Seminars/Sales Support

  • Business disability insurance products and proper use within a business continuation plan.

  • Disability insurance guarantee issue programs.

  • Customized large-case design for both long-term care and disability insurance.

  • Cross-selling opportunities with disability and long-term care insurance.

  • Uderstanding the tax consequences of disability and long-term care insurance products.

  • How to market the individual/group combination.

  • Long-term care insurance in the workplace.

  • Long-term care as a supplement to or a replacement for traditional disability insurance.

Administrative Services

  • New business processing and underwriting follow-up.

  • Contracting and licensing.

  • Policy service relating to inforce business.

  • Underwriting and issue procedures.

  • Weekly status updates emailed to you on cases in underwriting.

  • Download all necessary forms as well as marketing material from our website.

DI Products

  • DI Solutions - No Matter Who Your Client Is. DIBroker provides quality disability insurance products to people of all walks of life, from blue collar to white collar professionals.

DI Carriers

  • DIBroker has carefully picked only those companies with A.M. Best's Secure Ratings, in order to give you and your client the best quality at the lowest possible cost. Our expertise will help you to get the best products from the best carrier.


Want more information? Want to contact DIBroker? Call Alternative Brokerage at 855-779-1010 and we will get you connected!

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