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AB Social Security Seminar Program

The Alternative Brokerage Social Security Program is not a turn-key seminar system. Turn-key systems give you all the pieces to set up a workshop, including the mailer, PowerPoint, materials, etc. Once you have all those pieces, it is your job to put them together and hope people show up to your class. You have to pick a venue, set up the mailer, pay the post office, take registrations, and so much more.


Not only does it take up valuable time you could be meeting with clients, but it just creates a huge headache. What if the dates or phone number on your mailer are incorrect? Not only did you waste a lot of valuable time, you also wasted a lot of money. That is where we come in.

AB Social Security Seminar Program

  • Book a venue near your office

  • Market the workshop

  • Take all registrations

  • Make all confirmation calls

  • Send all reminder emails

  • Provide PowerPoint Presentation and script

  • Provide all materials to be given to attendees

  • Send the host attendee roster day prior to workshop

  • We take all the financial risk with filling the room with qualified prospects

  • You don’t pay until the day after the workshop

o You only pay based on the number of households that actually attend

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